We are delighted to present these works which include groundbreaking new techniques and expressions for the recorder and guitar. 

Arnaud Dumond (1950)

Médée Midi Désert 

Antti Auvinen (1974)

Nulla Salus

Christos Farmakis (1981)


Hermann Rechberger (1947)


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by Anders Koppel
Ny Musik Birkerød April 2017
On the 9th of November last year we released the CD "Eyktime". It was a lovely process leading to the release, and we are proud of the CD and the reviews that have followed.
One of the composers represented on the CD is Ole Buck from Denmark. After the release we sent the CD to him. A few weeks later we got an email. The subject line was "thanks for the CD" and in the mail was attached a new piece of music for recorder and guitar! We immediately started to rehearse it and have had great pleasure of playing it together. The piece is called "For recorder and guitar written for Christina Lauridsen and Peter Oldrup"
From wikipedia: "Ole Bucks style is characterized by "poetic concretistic minimalism". Concretistic because the music is formed of few notes and simple rules, poetic because Buck still manage to create life and development with the limited means."
This is particularly true for this work. The guitar plays the same pattern through the first 100 bars and the recorder has many repeating figures, but it never seems static, more improvised.
We have decided to celebrate our one year anniversary of our CD, with an "online premiere" of this new piece of music. We have in the last few weeks been working to record the work, and making a video. The fruit of this work will be published on YouTube on Sunday the 9th of November at 9:00 am. The piece was recorded with the help of Leif Hesselberg ( and the video was recorded at Bagsvaerd lake on a lovely autumn day.
Five Pieces on a Ground
by Lars Hegaard
Rundetårn April 2014

In autumn 2012 we decided to share the music that has given us so much pleasure and joy in our performances through another medium.

Ole Buck (1945)
Petite Suite

Christos Farmakis (1981)

Vagn Holmboe (1909-1996)
Canto e Danza

Frode Barth (1968)
The Cure
Hermann Rechberger (1947)

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